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Details on the 6 Targeted States

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“The choice this November is very simple. If you want high crime, high prices, high taxes, high corruption and high incompetence, vote for the radical Democrats. If you want a country that is strong, sovereign, solvent, safe and secure, you really have to vote for America-first Republicans. It’s common sense.” – President Donald Trump

Why Republicans must win these 6 States
to take control of the U.S. Senate.

Our time is running out, America.  Just look at the damage Joe Biden and his radical Democrat socialist allies in Congress have done since January 2021.  Inflation is out of control.  Gas prices are at their highest ever.  Supermarket shelves sit empty.  Crime rages in our cities.  The southern border is overrun with illegal aliens and drugs.


The nation we grew up in is barely recognizable anymore.  It’s as if we have devolved into a Third World country in a span of 18 months of Democrat party rule.  We are running out of time to save America from the insane Democrat socialists who are hell-bent on collapsing our beloved country.


This November’s midterm elections may be our last chance.  If the Democrats hold onto one or both houses of Congress past 2022, they are likely to complete the “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist hellhole. 


That’s why it is ESSENTIAL the Republicans win back the House AND Senate this November. We at The Conservative Caucus are determined to do all we can to help push Republicans in key swing states to victory.  Since the Senate is especially close – Republicans only need a net pickup of ONE seat to take the majority – we are focusing our efforts there. 


Specifically, we are targeting races in six key states that we believe will ultimately decide which party controls the Senate.  Those states are Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania


These are all swing states that have elected both Republicans and Democrats to the Senate in recent years.  Elections in these states are almost always close, and they are all winnable for the Republican candidates this year.

Our Plan for Victory In November

We plan to identify voters in these six targeted states who voted for President Trump in 2016 and/or 2020 and motivate them to VOTE in November using every Get-Out-The-Vote tool we have at our disposal, including videos, digital ads, phone calls, text messages, emails, radio and newspaper ads, fact sheets, issue reports, campaign news alerts, shareable social media content, and more.


None of this will come cheap, which is why we rely on wonderful patriotic Americans like you to contribute $10, $15, $25, $50 or more to this important project.  No donation is too big or too small and we will put all gifts to work immediately to turn out Trump voters in our six key states this November. 


If you would like to contribute to this “Trump Patriots to Retake the Senate” campaign, click on the button below.

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This program by TCC is an Independent Expenditure. Donating is not a contribution to the campaign committees of the candidates named in the letter, and does not limit you in contributing to those official campaign committees.



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