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As a voter, I strongly urge you to co-sponsor and actively support the Constitutional Amendment proposed by The Conservative Caucus that would . . .

1) Require U.S. Representatives to leave the House after serving a maximum of three two-year terms.

2) Require U.S. Senators to leave the Senate after serving a maximum of two six-year terms.

The President is limited to two terms in office.  TERM LIMITS should apply to Congress as well.  America’s Founders envisioned a “citizens’ legislature,” not a permanent ruling class governing America.

In the early days of our Republic, Members of Congress usually spent just a few months in Washington legislating.  They were paid $6 per day on days they were actually legislating, then returned home to their full-time jobs as farmers, doctors, lawyers or businessmen.

Today, the standard pay and benefits package for a member of Congress is more than $200,000 per year.

Few would argue that this lavish pay for Congress has attracted quality leaders for America.  

Congress today is deeply corrupt – in both parties.   America has become a country where people get rich by having political connections and special interests contribute to political campaigns in the hope of gaining special “carve-outs” from the federal government pie.  


This is not how American government is supposed to work.  Public service is supposed to be public service – not a fast track to getting fabulously wealthy.

The time has come to dismantle the arrogant, corrupt permanent Political Cartel in Washington, DC by limiting terms for Congress.   

As we speed toward the 2022 Midterm Congressional Elections, I will watch your actions closely on this matter of urgent importance to America's future survival as the "land of the free."  And I will hold you accountable at the ballot box for your actions.

Citizens' Petition to Congress


To Immediately Pass a Constitutional


Amendment to Limit Terms for Congress

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