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2022 Election Year Survey on Joe Biden's "Pain Economy"

1) How concerned are you about inflation driving up the cost of energy, groceries and other vital goods and services?
2) Which of the following best describes your view of the state of America’s economy under Joe Biden?
3) Which of the following do you feel are most responsible for inflation and the other economic woes facing America today? (Please check all that apply.)
4) How hard are you personally feeling BidenInflation in your home area today?
5) Are you struggling more and more to pay for groceries and other vital goods?
6) Are you seeing empty store shelves in your home area today on a regular basis?
7) What is the average cost for a gallon of gasoline in your home area today?
8) How concerned are you about cooling your home this summer with the skyrocketing cost of electricity?
9) How important will a candidate’s position on restoring President Trump’s economic and energy policies be to your vote in November?
10) Do you fear that the economy will continue to decline under Joe Biden unless his socialist enablers in Congress are defeated in the November elections?
11) Do you agree our economy will not thrive until Joe Biden is replaced by a fiscal conservative in 2024?
12) Do you fear America may eventually fall into another Great Depression if we fail to take control away from Biden’s radical environmentalist socialist enablers in Congress in November and elect a fiscal conservative in 2024 to the White House?
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