Congress Should Reject Biden’s Welfare Budget-Buster

by Peter J. Thomas        


There’s an old saying that figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.  That sums up the way that Biden’s massive spending bill was constructed, so as to hide how much it will increase the deficit... Read More

Will the Lying Ever End?

by Peter J. Thomas

If voters thought that honesty and accuracy would be the hallmark of our new president, they have been gravely disappointed.  Time and again, President Biden has been caught lying in an effort to make his presidency and his policies look better than an honest appraisal would allow... Read More

Beware the Biden Taxes and Spending

by Peter J. Thomas

While all Americans should be concerned about President Biden’s extravagant plans for taxes and spending, those of us who are seniors have special reason for worry... Read More

No Justification for a Congressional Takeover of State Election Laws

by Peter J. Thomas

What role should the Federal government play in determining the election laws that regulate the election of Congress?... Read More

Acquit Trump, Expel Nadler

by Peter J. Thomas

If truth and justice are valued by Congress, the Senate will acquit President Trump and the House will expel Rep. Jerry Nadler. The two impeachment charges adopted by the House of Representatives do not deserve to be taken seriously... Read More

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