Time to Pass the STOP Resolution

by Peter Thomas and Charles Orndorff            


President Obama’s unprecedented usurpation of legislative authority requires immediate action to save the Constitution.  Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) has provided the proper remedy with his... Read More

Obama Grants Congress Special Exemption to Obamacare - By Peter J. Thomas and Peter Ferrara

If Obamacare is so good, why was Congress crying to President Obama for an illegal exemption, which he freely granted?When Congress passed Obamacare in 2010, it stated that Congress and its staff would be subject to it the same as everyone else. That is only fair that they should live under the same... Read More

Ending Republican Blunders over Obamacare -- by Peter J. Thomas and Mike Korbey

The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on a local TV program that Obamacare could lead to a single-payer national health insurance program.This is not surprising, for Mr. Reid only stated what has long been the holy grail of liberal Democrats: socialized... Read More

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