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TCC Member Mailbag

There’s a lot on your minds to report this month: H.R. 1, open borders, election integrity, Nancy Pelosi and the GOP are all no-holds-barred topics. Here’s a sample from online:


Ralph F.– “Does anyone have any idea what it is costing for each person who is crossing our borders if they do please let Americans know how we are going to pay them why is this being done to destroy everything for many years to come !??”


Rene S. – “H.R.1 is nothing more than the stealing of the election from now on.”


Sue N. – “Every time I see her face ,. I know she is lying. Anything she tries to pass should be vetoed. Because pork is attached somewhere”


Ginny G. – “Vote out all Democrats on all levels of government. This is the only way to save our country.”


Gerri C. – “Why Don’t The Republicans In The Senate Start Standing Up For The American People! There Have Been A Few That Have But Not Enough! Pelosi Isn’t Happy Unless She’s Starting Trouble & Wasting The Tax Payers Money! God Bless America! ”


Geneva O. – “If we need ID to drive to cash checks surely we ID to VOTE”


Joseph B. – “Nancy and the Democrats are wrecking down the voting laws in the constitution, to change this country into a Socialist country. This country will become like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela … ”


Donna C. – “Pelosi needs to be removed!! She doesn’t care about our country or its citizens!!”


Miguel N. – “I have never trusted Nancy Pelosi. She has proven her hatred for the country. Her only concerned is to destroy America and everything about it. For political gain and political power. ”


ACTION ALERT: If you’d like to share some of your own words with the rest of us, write to

The Conservative Caucus

P.O. Box 1890

Merrifield, VA 22116-8090


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