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100,000 TCC Patriots Strong Are All In Fighting Together for the Trump Agenda and to Save America from the Socialist Policies of Biden, Schumer and Pelosi

ACTION ALERT: Visit the local home offices of your elected officials in person to air your views on President Biden’s policies of concern to you – such as open borders, taxpayers forced to fund abortions, rising prices for gas and groceries, defunding the police, and rising urban crime.


ACTION ALERT: Phone a local radio call-in show and bring up the need to secure election integrity by requiring photo identification at the polls, cleaning voter rolls and prohibiting absentee ballots from being sent to everyone.


TCC Patriots Help Defeat House Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 1/S. 1 by Senate Filibuster – Only to Immediately Face Yet Another Election Integrity Battle Against H.R. 4.

TCC’s election integrity video makes the case for 1) requiring voter I.D., 2) paper ballots so votes can be audited, 3) inspector oversight of the entire process, 4) prohibiting absentee ballots being sent to everyone without confirming identity, and 5) prohibiting automatic voter registration without proving citizenship. After all, it’s only common sense.

Despite the blocking in June of Speaker Pelosi’s radical H.R. 1/S. 1 by Senate filibuster as Democrats failed to reach the 60-vote threshold for cutting off debate, the battle for election integrity continues. House Democrats now push H.R. 4, which might be called the radical cousin of H.R. 1/S. 1. H.R. 4 is just another Pelosi power grab to set up a one-party socialist state, like Venezuela, where the winners can be easily predicted in advance.


Sensing none of their election power grab bills will pass while the Senate legislative filibuster is in force, the radical Democrats now desperately call for its demise. But this time, they have a “compromise” to keep the filibuster but exempt it for their socialist voting legislation, such as H.R. 4. So the battle to keep the filibuster continues for TCC Patriots.


Americans must have confidence that their votes count when selecting our leaders. Without election integrity, Americans cannot be sure if their leadership governs legitimately at the consent of the governed. That’s what makes defeating H.R. 4 and preserving the filibuster do or die for those of us who care about preservingAmerica’s free and fair elections.

Targeted Mailing Outreach Urges Millions to Fight for the Conservative Trump Agenda


Targeted mail is being sent nationwide to Americans , asking them to join TCC Patriots in taking back our country. Together, we conservatives become a greater force to be reckoned with as we work to defeat the radical Left agenda before it transforms America into a socialist state. Organizing opposition to the radical Left agenda is key for defeating their legislation, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1/S. 1 power grab, which TCC TCC Patriots had a hand in defeating in June.


By going around the biased media, their information campaign about the dangers of the bill gave many Americans information about it they may never have had otherwise.


As we head into 2022, a congressional election year, organized, informed ad motivated conservatives are needed to win back a conservative House and Senate that respect our Constitutional liberties and free and fair elections. Please support TCC financially and sign a petition against socialism.


ACTION ALERT: Send an email to a friend or relative with a link directing them to a video on an issue of mutual concern. Go to our TCC video library by clicking here and pick what you need. Videos are a powerfully persuasive way to make your point.


ACTION ALERT: Share your October Member’s Message with friends and family rather than throwing it away. They’ll likely receive information they haven’t received elsewhere. And if they are at all like you, reading it might prompt them to get politically involved between elections.


ACTION ALERT: Write a letter to the editor of your local community newspaper expressing your alarm at President Biden’s open borders immigration policy. The president is refusing to enforce our immigration laws. And if we don’t have defined borders we don’t have a country. America is for citizens and for those who come here legally.


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