New TCC Legislative Action Center
Aims to Torpedo “Building Socialism” in America





For decades, the Berlin Wall marked the divide between the free nations of the West and the oppressive socialist/Marxist East dominated by the Soviet Union. 

In what became known as “the Reagan Doctrine,” the president chose to roll back communism rather than just contain it as previous administrations had done.  The Conservative Caucus influenced this foreign and defense policy adopted by the Reagan Administration.  Key points:  We urged a muscular military build-up to deter aggression and giving aid to the local Resistance fighting the hot war against Soviet imperialism in Africa, Central America, and Afghanistan in order to roll back Soviet territorial ambitions. 

Those policies paid off.  The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed.  

Who would have thought then that freedom and the American way of life would again be threatened by socialist/Marxist ideology just 30 years later?  Worse -- this time, the threat comes not from beyond our borders but from within – from the far-Left politicians now running Congress and the White House. 

Read a warning about that from a Ukrainian-born American who suffered under Soviet rule.  It was reported 11/16/20 online in The Political Insider, just after the election:

“Republican Congresswoman-elect Victoria Spartz, of Indiana, warned that the American left is now ‘building socialism’ like she saw in the Soviet Union."


Spartz wanted to sound the alarm about what will happen if far-Left, socialist policies were pursued in America.”

To build socialism the Left must destroy America.  So they push Critical Race Theory in our schools to teach children to hate their country and to divide us by race.  Their Green New Deal is a disguised government takeover of the economy.   They champion defunding the police to spur lawlessness and chaos.  By rigging election law against us, they’ll impose one-party Marxist rule.  


To thwart this socialist threat inside America, The Conservative Caucus has just created our new online Legislative Action Center for grassroots activism.  Unlike most websites, this innovative, interactive tool does more than simply inform with facts, providing:

  • instant point and click connection to YOUR members of Congress;

  • issue talking points, model letters and phone scripts YOU can modify as needed;

  • connection to Capitol Hill to send a video of YOU talking to your senator.

Go to for a test drive.  Let me know what you think!