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PART I Trump Immigration & Border Control Policies

This mailed poll has been sent to Americans nationwide throughout the first half of 2021. The returns are in. Results show that most respondents overwhelmingly approved of President Trump’s immigration and border control policies, contrary to what the biased establishment media might have you believe. That makes sense. If we don’t have a secure border then we don’t have a country.


Next month we’ll report the results of the second part of the poll to you in which the same respondents rank President Biden’s immigration and border control policies.


If you received and returned this poll for tabulation, thank you for your participation. An informed and involved citizenry is the only way to fend off tyranny that would erode the value of citizenship and take away our birthright of freedom as Americans.

Part A: Your opinion of President Trump’s Approach to Controlling Immigration and Securing America’s Borders


TCC Surv Image 1.png
TCC Surv Image 2.png


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