TCC Patriots’ Frontline Grassroots Activism At Work

President Joe Biden has now expressed frustration that much of his radical agenda is stalled in the U.S. Senate.  Well, take a bow, TCC Patriots!  You’ve sent a barrage of petitions and postcards to the Senate opposed to his agenda, and it’s working. 

Just after the last election, the future looked bleak for America.  For the first time ever, the radical Left took control of the White House and both houses of Congress.  You remember how disturbing it was.  They and their biased media establishment allies whooped and celebrated that they were going to transform America into a one-party socialist/Marxist state.  It was hard to look at the news without feeling distressed.

But after the election dust settled, TCC and TCC Patriots took a leadership role in defending our God-given freedoms and the Constitutional rule of law.  We focused our efforts on reaching out to millions of our fellow Americans through postal mail and email, educating them about the dangers and asking them to join with us in grassroots action to lobby the Senate, where the 50-50 party split gave us an opportunity to resist the Biden agenda with the help of moderate Democrats.  In so doing, we successfully bypassed the biased media and are meeting with success.

Sixteen months of vigilance and struggle remain before us until the November 2022 elections give Americans the chance to take control of Congress away from the radicals out to destroy America.  But we have ample reason to take heart.  All is not yet lost.  Let’s keep defending America.


H.R. 1/S. 1 is a radical socialist/Marxist power grab to rig elections against conservatives. This bill would be the end forever of our cherished principle of representative government through one citizen/one vote.  Voters must have confidence that election results accurately reflect their will. 


To that end, TCC has been airing a television ad nationally on NEWSMAX TV against the radical Left’s power grab legislation.  If you have yet to see it, go to to view the ad on our website.






Congressional Term Limits Overturns the Professional Ruling Class Working with the Washington Swamp Against the People – Serving in the U.S. Congress was never meant to be a career.  Yet longtime members puff their chests and try to make themselves sound noble by referring to their multiple decades in Congress as “public service.” 


America’s Founders envisioned citizen legislators who’d briefly serve in Congress before returning to private life. But their vision has been corrupted by a professional ruling class that uses the advantages of incumbency to make serving in Congress a career, winning re-election 90% of the time. Pleasing special interests for campaign cash, usurping power not granted to them by the Constitution and surviving the next election take priority over serving voters.  Some of our term-limit advocacy is reprinted here. It includes:

  • newspaper ads printed in key areas

  • 295,546 signed petitions to Congress

  • national digital ad buys

  • millions of postal educational letters intended to motivate citizen action

  • video ads posted on the TCC website, social media platforms, and emailed links

  • radio ads in targeted congressional districts around the country

  • questionnaires sent to all 2020 congressional candidates to identify term limits supporters

  • postcards for TCC Members to mail to their Representative and Senators in Washington

  • news releases with questionnaire results for voters sent into states before the primary  day and posted on TCC’s website


Our plan for this project is to use the same tactics we deployed with Stand With Trump Against the Coup, which helped defeat the Ukraine impeachment hoax, and Stand With Trump for Re-Election, which helped the President earn more than 74 million votes and almost win a second term.

Throughout the Trump Presidency, we built an army of over 200,000 steadfast members who stood with us as we stood with President Trump against the Coup and for Re-election. We are now mobilizing these patriots into a new army to stand against the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi Socialist/Marxist storm.

You may have seen President Biden’s recent speech expressing frustration that much of his radical agenda is passed in the House but stalled in the Senate.  Grassroots citizen action by you and TCC’s other Patriots is helping thwart much of his agenda.  Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, however; we have many battles to fight between now and the 2022 congressional election. 


Join forces with the new patriot army and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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