Save Freedom in America
Help Make the 2022 & 2024 Elections Fraud-Free

Election integrity is in every honest American voter’s interest.  The government’s authority comes from the consent of the governed.  Voters must believe those who govern do so with the power granted to them in free and fair elections.  But the troublesome elections last year have led many Americans to question their validity.


The 2020 elections involved many unprecedented procedural changes that loosened the protections against fraud and in some cases were of questionable constitutionality.  Some examples of particular concern were . . .


  • slow ballot counting that stretched out for days after the election was over;

  • voting districts with more votes than the number who voted;

  • unsolicited mail-in ballots distributed by the millions and counted with poor, or no, serious verification process;

  • vote monitors prevented from actually seeing how the votes were counted. 


For voters to have confidence in the validity of the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections, these problems must be fixed ahead of time.  The Conservative Caucus (TCC) believes true election reform cannot come out of Washington, D.C. … it must be done on the state level because the Constitution grants states the primary responsibility to preside over their own elections. 


As a result, we’ve written a straightforward, point-by-point election reform plan to present to state legislators and governors for passage into law, especially in five key targeted Battleground States (Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin).  We call it “The Restore Election Trust Plan.”  Here’s our plan’s list of changes that ought to be enacted now in states that lack them:


1. Stop the indiscriminate mailing out of ballots. A ballot should only be sent if it is requested by a registered voter, and the system should require that the voter provide identification.


2. Ballots should be counted only if they arrive by election day. It may be necessary to allow a few exceptions, such as for the military, but ballots that arrive days or even weeks later should not be included in the count.


3. States must take care to verify that each person registering to vote is an American citizen.  It is not enough to go by the honor system. The rules for registration must be effectively enforced.


4. Those who die or move must be removed from the voting rolls before each election.  Leaving such people on the voter registration lists invites fraud.


5. Vote counting should continue without a break until it is completed. If this means bringing in shifts of workers, do it. Results must be known as soon as possible, with adequate time to challenge anything that may be questionable.


6. States must use voting systems with paper ballots that can be counted by hand to verify the machine scanning count. A few states still lack this fundamental safeguard.


7. States must devise procedures that allow observers for each party to clearly see what is being done in the vote count. This might involve a combination of on-site observers for a general view of what is happening, plus cameras to provide a close-up of the handling of each ballot (and this should be recorded in case of dispute).


8. States must be sure that they have adequate methods for matching signatures on ballots received by mail. Machines may not be able to do the job. 


Some states, such as Georgia and Florida, already acted to eliminate the problems of 2020. Visit our website to share this list of election integrity principles with family and those in your social circles. 


Destroy America!  The Socialist/Marxist Plot to Rig the 2022 Elections


While The Conservative Caucus (TCC) lobbies in the states for these reforms, we also fight efforts by the radical Left in the U.S. Congress to take away the authority of states to run their elections and to destroy election integrity.  Led by radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on March 3rd, they passed H.R. 1, legislation that would nationalize our elections.  It’s numbered “one” because making it the law of the land is their highest priority.


H.R. 1 is a wish list for Nancy Pelosi and her radical Democrats who want to rig our future elections by opening the door to massive fraud. If passed in the U.S. Senate as S. 1 and signed into law by President Biden, this bill would . . .


  • prohibit voter ID;

  • take the authority to draw their own congressional districts away from the states,

  • require absentee ballots to be mailed to all who request them without identity verification;

  • require internet voter registration and registration on election day;

  • automatically register people on government databases,

  • make it more difficult to challenge voters;

  • and make it more difficult to remove voters who have died or moved.


H.R. 1/S. 1 is intended to rig our elections against all opposition, as in Venezuela, giving the radical Democrats one-party socialist/Marxist rule forever.  It must be stopped!


Thanks in no small part to an outpouring of opposition from grassroots citizen activists like you, it has failed to date to gather enough support in the Democrat-controlled Senate to come up for a full vote.             


Your signed petitions to Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have urged them to keep their publicly stated promise to vote to retain the filibuster and block H.R. 1.  Your petitions have served as counter pressure to New York Senate Leader Chuck Schumer’s effort to do away with the filibuster.  


If Senators Manchin and Sinema keep their promise to support the filibuster, H.R. 1/S. 1

will never become law because the radical Democrats will never garner the 60 votes they’d need

to end the filibuster.