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President Biden Keeps Pushing His Socialist Policies Despite Devastating Americans
Reversal of Successful Trump Policies Already Taking Its Toll After Only Months in Office

I hope President Trump was right. America will never be a socialist country. Certainly not if the millions of Americans who share your values and mine have anything to say about it.


Despite enjoying a friendly wind at his back from a biased news media, President Biden’s approval rating is dropping fast. His mid-June Gallup poll rating was at 56%. In July, it hit 50% -- a startling loss of 6% in one month.


America’s polarized politics means neither side can be swayed. Elections are then won or lost with how independents vote. And the bad news for Joe Biden is that they are increasingly unhappy. Their approval of Biden is at 48% according to Gallup, a plummet of 8%. Ouch.


His radical Left policies are catching up with him as Americans feel its effects – rising prices for gasoline and groceries, uncertain mask mandates, unpoliced urban crime, no southern border, and all of us Americans called racist. The biased media can’t block out the truth Americans themselves feel. And they feel America is off track.


Biden’s Contempt for American Citizenship and for “STUPID” Americans Themselves is Clear


Take just one issue – the millions of Americans who’ve chosen not to get a shot of the experimental COVID–19 vaccination. Some already had COVID and have natural immunity. So they figure they don’t need the shot. Or maybe they weighed the risks and rewards for their age group or their current health status and decided not to take the risk.




Thanks to President Trump’s successful Operation Warp Speed, the COVID-19 vaccines were ready in record time, compressing 10 years of research and development into just one. Now they are immunizing people around the globe. But whether or not to immunize is their choice. President Trump was one of the first to take the shot.


But he has never called his fellow Americans who refuse stupid.


Meanwhile, Biden’s illegal lack of enforcement of our immigration laws leaves the door to our southern border wide open. So his policy intentionally encourages thousands of unvetted people from all over the globe to enter illegally. Thus, he undermines the value of citizenship.


Why? So he can change America’s demographics. He doesn’t like Americans who voted for Donald Trump. To him, Trump voters are stupid, too, as well as a threat to the political power of socialist/Marxist Democrats. He figures he’s importing future voters who’ll be beholden to the socialists who’ll have been given illegal aliens citizenship, voting rights and welfare.


Worse, news reports say as many as a fourth of these illegal aliens have COVID–19. Are they turned back at the southern border?


No, instead Biden buses or flies them at taxpayer expense into the heart of America. This reckless policy could mean needless American citizen deaths from COVID contracted from illegals Biden puts in their communities without their consent.


No wonder his Gallup poll numbers are diving. President Trump’s policies were designed to make America great again. President Biden’s policies are designed to make America into a tyrannical, one-party socialist state. Americans can feel the before and after difference. And they don’t like it.


President Trump’s Successful Policies Are Worth Recognizing and Fighting For


Compare President Biden’s failing leadership to President Trump’s success. Despite being under constant attack, despite getting undermined constantly by Deep State leakers and phony “blockbuster” news stories, and with little help from his fellow Republicans, President Trump:


  • Cut taxes and draconian regulations that resulted in an economic boom

  • Drove unemployment (including among minorities) down to its lowest levels ever

  • Rebuilt and rearmed the United States Armed Forces

  • Built hundreds of miles of a wall on our Mexican border and cut illegal immigration 

  • Devastated ISIS and brokered an Israel-Arab peace deal not ever imagined

  • Exposed the Chinese threat to our economy and our security

  • Preserved and defended both Medicare and Social Security

  • Appointed more than 200 Constitutionalists to the federal courts, including three to the Supreme Court

  • Fiercely defended our rights to free speech, religious liberty, life, and arms

But perhaps his greatest achievement of all was “Operation Warp Speed” which is, even as I speak, producing tens of millions of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that will finally put an end to the pandemic worldwide! It especially helps protect America’s most vulnerable, our seniors.


Joe Biden, the fake news media, and President Trump’s legions of enemies will never thank the President for this remarkable achievement, or even give him credit, but true American patriots can and should.


Take Action in Support of President Trump’s Leadership and Successful Policies

Now I urge you to show your commitment to unite with other patriots in a “Resistance Movement” against the ongoing drive by the radical Democrats to undo President Trump’s accomplishments. They would doom our nation to socialist/Marxist ruin.


That is why I hope you’ll please rush Stand With Trump Against the Socialists a most generous donation of $10, $15, $25, $50, or more to support our marketing outreach. You see that our nation going in the wrong direction. Today you can join in to do something about it with tens of thousands of TCC Patriots to fight for the free America we know and love.


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