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Recent years have seen the growing strength of a movement attacking not only the police, but the whole concept of law enforcement.  The traditional idea that we should all obey the laws, and should expect to be punished if we do not, has been challenged by the claim that racial “equity” requires changing our laws, procedures and institutions to provide racial preferences in favor of certain minorities.  These proposed changes affect arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment.

Among the fundamental beliefs of this newly powerful movement are these three.

  1.  Police are an instrument of racial oppression, a new form of lynch mob, and should be defunded or abolished.

  2. Racial minorities, especially blacks, are being convicted of too many crimes.  Therefore, prosecutions of those crimes should be greatly reduced.

  3. Prisons have become a means of more explicit racial oppression, and “mass incarceration” is an injustice that must end.

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