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Citizens Articles of Impeachment for President Joe Biden

Sponsored by The Conservative Caucus

I, the undersigned, do hereby call on the newly elected 118th Congress to impeach and convict President Joe Biden on the following charges:


Article One: Colluding with the January 6th show trial to destroy President Trump


Article Two: Failure to defend the borders of the United States from invasion.


Article Three: Waging an official government war on America’s oil and gas industries


Article Four:  Endangering U.S. security by releasing oil from the Strategic Oil reserves


Article Five:  Selling oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve to Communist China


Article Six: A Justice Department/FBI cover-up of evidence against Hunter Biden and failure to investigate shady dealings of other Biden family members


Article Seven: Failure to hold China accountable for the Covid pandemic


Article Eight: Failure to defend the lives of Supreme Court Justices


Article Nine: Weaponizing the FBI against parents opposed to Critical Race Theory


Article Ten: Violating federal law by mandating boys must be allowed in girls’ sports

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