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It’s time for the adoption of a simple and fair new Flat Rate Tax that would make your taxes simpler, fairer and lower.  

This badly-needed tax reform that would replace the outrageously complicated tax code, close big political special interest tax loopholes -- and restore economic prosperity to America.

The current seven personal income tax rates would be replaced by one single rate.  A 10% rate is our preference although some conservatives have recommended somewhat higher rates.

For a family of four, the first $36,000 of income would be tax-free.  Only income above that amount would be taxed.

Deductions for mortgage interest payments and charitable donations would remain, as would the Child Tax Credit.

Many people would be able to file their taxes on a single form the size of a postcard.  No more worrying about filling out multiple forms, reading complex instruction booklets, and understanding more than 74,000 pages of the tax code.

With such a simple tax, you could do your taxes yourself without fear of a mistake, and most of the current IRS bureaucracy could be eliminated.

And, it would FINALLY close the tax loopholes and special privileges career politicians in Washington give to their powerful “pet” special interest cronies.  It would be a tax system treating everyone the same.

The Flat Tax is not a new idea.   It has been supported by many forward-thinking, pro-growth, limited government stalwarts, including the late President Ronald Reagan and thelate and revered Nobel Laureate economists, Milton Friedman and James Buchanan.  Current advocates include Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Steve Forbes.

Clearly, adoption of the Flat Tax is long overdue, especially considering the state of the American economy now.

The well-respected economic experts at the independent Tax Foundation examined the 10% Flat Tax supported by Senator Ted Cruz and determined that it would:

  •  Create almost 5 million jobs;

  •  Increase wages by 12.2%; and

  •  Boost America’s Gross Domestic Product (GNP) by an estimated 13.9%.

Basically, the Flat Tax could put America and Americans back on the road to economic recovery.

That’s why we are spearheading this national “grassroots” public education and pressure campaign on Congress to pass the Flat Tax.

Taxpaying voters like you and me have the power and force our elected officials to adopt the Flat Tax in order to protect your, your family’s and America’s economic future.  A Reason-Rupe poll showed 62% support for the Flat Tax.

It’s time to put the pressure on Congress and pass the Flat Tax.

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