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2022 Election Year Survey on Joe Biden's Surrender of America's Energy Independence

1) How concerned are you about the rising cost of gasoline, heating oil and electricity today?
2) Inflation is skyrocketing and almost everything we buy is more expensive than ever before. Do you agree that rising energy costs are the primary reason costs on almost all our vital goods and services are increasing at record levels?
3) The Biden/Schumer/Pelosi liberals say Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the main reason energy costs have exploded. But gas, oil and electricity prices were going up long before Russia invaded Ukraine, thanks to Biden’s many executive actions reversing President Trump’s energy policies that made America energy independent.

Who do you blame most for the rising costs of energy and today’s record inflation?

4) America was one of the world’s most dominant energy superpowers when President Trump left office. Now we are once again dependent on foreign oil. Which of the following Biden policies are to blame most for America’s lost energy independence? (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.)
5) Many believe President Biden’s decision to allow the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to be constructed (which made Russia Europe’s number one energy supplier) played a major role in emboldening the Russian tyrant Putin to invade Ukraine. Do you agree?
6) Do you agree that Biden’s surrender of our energy independence is a major threat to American and world security?
7) How concerned are you about cooling your home this summer with the skyrocketing cost of energy?
8) What is the average cost for a gallon of gasoline in your home area today?
9) How fast are prices on groceries and other vital goods rising in your home area?
10) How concerned are you that Biden’s energy policies will continue to cause overall inflation
11) Will you be more or less likely to vote for a candidate pledged to restore President Trump’s energy policies?
12) Will you be more or less likely to vote for a candidate who supports and defends Joe Biden’s energy policies?
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