Email your representatives in Congress right now to tell them to oppose all efforts to pack the Court with left-wing justices who will overturn the Constitution.

Save the Supreme Court

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Protect Our Borders

Email your representatives in Congress right now to tell them to build the wall, oppose all efforts to open the border and give amnesty to millions of  illegal aliens.


Stand Against CRT

Don’t let the schools brainwash our children into believing that America is a racist nation.  Email your state legislators to tell them to oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

Term Limits for Congress

Email your elected officials to force Congress to pass the Cruz-Norman constitutional amendment to put an end to career politicians and drain the Washington swamp!

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Stand Behind Our Police

The police should not be defunded, abolished, or replaced by social workers.  Email your state representatives right now and demand they fully support our police!


Safeguard Our Elections Now

Email your state legislators right now and demand they don't repeat the mistakes of 2020 and fight for TCC's Election Integrity plan.



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